Winpara-Gem.JPG (28035 bytes)Grevillea Winpara Gem: Is said to be a hybrid between Grevillea thelemanniana and either Grevillea argyrophylla or Grevillea olivacea. Regardless of its parentage, this medium, dense shrub is worth a place in the garden. The grey-green leaves are divided with pointed lobes. The profuse flowers appear from autumn to spring, pink in bud, deep red on opening and age to orange. The flowers are produced in large racemes and are attractive to honeyeaters.
Grevillea Winpara Gem is a colourful screening plant. Both foliage and flowers are attractive features.
Propagates readily from cuttings.
Grevillea Winpara Gold is similar in all respects except that the flowers are pale golden in colour.