5 Best Indoor Plants for Cleaner Air

5 Best Indoor Plants for Cleaner Air

Spending a lot of time indoors is common for most people, which is why it is crucial to ensure the air inside your home is fresh and clean. Cleaner air is known to have a substantial impact on human health. You can expect to live longer if you maintain good indoor air quality. Most studies have indicated a direct connection between reduced indoor air pollution and increased life expectancy. Studies also suggest that plants reduce air pollutants in homes.

Even though plants might not completely replace proper ventilation for fresh air, they can still make a substantial contribution to enhancing air quality. They will do so by getting rid of harmful pollutants. However, it is equally important to know which plants are the perfect options for this job. Here are the 5 best indoor plants for cleaner air. Keep them in your home to stay healthy.

1.  Spider Plant

Spider plant is considered one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. This plant also goes by the name of “Ribbon plant”. It is one of the perfect choices for eliminating harmful compounds from your residence. This is why it is considered one of the best air-purifying plants. As a matter of fact, NASA ranks this plant among the top 3 types of houseplants that are excellent at eliminating formaldehyde.

2.  Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm is a well-known indoor plant which particularly great at removing formaldehyde along with xylene, benzene, and chloroform. This plant can grow as tall as about 12 feet. Such a characteristic helps them purify the air on a larger scale. It is worth noting that they do demand more sunlight in comparison to other indoor plants. So, it is best recommended to keep them close to glass doors or windows.

3.  Gerbera Daisy

If you are using plants as a decorative piece, Gerbera Daisy will be perfect for you. Not only will a pot of these gorgeous daisies make your space look visually appealing, but it will also assist in eliminating formaldehyde along with benzene from the air. It will also help you improve your mood. To ensure proper growth, moderate sunlight will be required. You will also need to water them at the base.

4.  Aloe Vera

If you are a beginner and do not have much experience with plants, aloe vera plants might be the ideal ones for you. This is because they are quite small and easy to maintain. They also grow quicker than you might expect. You have the option of keeping them on your desk or a sunny windowsill. Whenever the soil appears dry, water them. Aloe vera plants do a great job of filtering out benzene and formaldehyde. As a bonus, if you have a large aloe vera plant, you can use the gel inside to handle issues like sunburns.

5.  Rubber Plant

Many homeowners have started to keep rubber plants in their homes mainly because it has large and glossy leaves and help purify the air. It is a strong plant that does an excellent job of eliminating toxins like formaldehyde. This is why it is the ideal plant for enhancing indoor air quality. It is well-known for its adaptability to several light conditions. The rubber plant flourishes in bright and low-light environments.

Wrapping Up

Focusing on indoor air quality is highly important if you want to stay healthy and live longer. There is no better way to do it than by keeping air-purifying house plants. Get the plants mentioned in this article to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

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