Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

There are almost 150 botanical gardens in different states of Australia with mostly managed by local governments while some are privately owned. Places like Australian National Botanic Gardens have a massive collection of almost all Australian native and endemic species. Most of the Gardens have an assortment that includes plants from different parts of the world. At Yallaroo, the skills of horticulture and cultivation let us grow plants that can be lost in nature.

It can not only conserve the species diversity but also allow us to consider the rehabilitation and restoration process of the degraded habitats. Collections of living plants and seed banks help us to protect different plant species. It must be carefully collected and stored to retain its maximum genetic diversity. And research is also essential to determine the best possible way of saving every species.

Although the primary purpose of the botanical garden is associated with environmental conservation, historical interpretation and education, studies have revealed that the visitors of botanical garden are often encouraged by amusing and leisure interests. Numerous studies have shown that visiting such gardens is excellent for our mental health, attention and memory. A 60 to 90-minute walk in the middle of nature (in comparison to walking in an urban area) decrease activity in a specific area of the brain that is highly responsible for mental illness and depression. Such gardens also help the pollinators like honeybees, butterflies, birds and bats, which play a vital role in the production and maintenance of various plants.

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