Popular Plants

Australian daisy (Brachyscome)

This beautifully spreading, bun-shaped and yellow-centred flower is very popular in Australia. It is available for most of the year, with maximum growth during spring and summer. The simplicity of this flower makes sure that it will always stay amongst the most recognisable flowers for the garden. One can easily use these flower in any size or style of garden. The shape of the flower acts as a perfect landing platform for a butterfly or bee, as they can spot it easily from afar.

Banksia (Banksias)

Banksia is a genus of almost 170 species of the Proteaceae family. These wildflowers and popular garden plants of Australia are easy to recognise due to their characteristic flower spikes and fruiting heads and cones. Banksias vary in size from horizontal woody shrubs to 30 meters tall trees. They grow in different landscapes – forest, shrubland, rainforest, and other landscapes, but not in Australia's deserts.

Bottlebrush (Callistemon)

Bottlebrushes belong to the Myrtaceae family and closely related to the paperbark melaleucas that also have flower spikes of 'bottlebrush' shaped. Experienced Botanists are currently studying these plants to decide how they can be best classified. Most of the Bottlebrushes grow in the eastern and south-eastern part of Australia. Few species grow in the south-western part of Western Australia and other species in New Caledonia. Bottlebrushes can grow from the tropical north to the temperate region of the south.

Cycad (Macrozamia)

Cycads are often referred to as “living fossils” as experts believe they have existed before the dinosaurs. There are around 300 known species of cycads and botanists are still looking for new species. Habitat destruction and the harvesting of the plant are the main threats to the cycads that are often confused due to its appearance with palms, but they are different as the cycad does not have flowers or fruit.

Flame pea (Chorizema)

It is a native of the western part of Australia and grows into spreading shrub reaching one-meter height. The Leaves of the plant are heart-shaped with a leathery texture and grow up to six centimetres. The beautiful pea-shaped flowers cover plants during the spring season. There are around 25 species of Chorizema. This is quite popular among Australians to grown as a garden plant in various parts of the country. Summer with low humidity is considered as appropriate weather for this plant.

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