7 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

Being a plantsperson or professional Gardner is not easy considering you have to take care of your plants like children and ensure they keep healthy. Diseases and pests can affect plants when the environment is conducive, and there is the presence of bacteria, viruses, bugs, and insects etc. As a flora lover, you would know your precious plants are at constant risk of contracting a disease or decay. Therefore, it is essential to be proactive and take measures to keep them safe and well. If you want to know the best ways to keep your garden healthy, here is your guide by expert Botanists, Gardeners, and Plantpersons in Brisbane.

Pay Attention to Soil

Plants need good soil to grow because they take nutrients and water from it. If the ground is not suitable or has reduced fertility, your efforts to grow healthy plants can become futile. Soil is one of the first things Gardeners pay attention to whether they are setting a personal garden or examining gardening/nursery businesses for sale in Brisbane.

Know What a Healthy Plant Looks Like

Experts say it is easy to make out if a plant is healthy or not by appearance. Therefore, it is best to get books, magazines, and other collateral that has images of good and bad plants. Having reference material will help you choose grown plants, seeds, and saplings wisely.

Note: If you are aspiring to be a professional Gardner and looking at gardening/nursery or landscaping businesses for sale in Brisbane, it becomes imperative to know the appearance of healthy plants and how to care for them.

Examine Plants Daily

Plant diseases and pests can spread rapidly, and it is easier to tackle them in the early stages. Therefore, it is essential to examine the plants daily for spots, breakage, powdery mildew, mites, bugs, insects, etc. For professionals putting up their gardening/nursery business for sale in Brisbane, this activity is crucial to keep the plants healthy and attract right buyers.

Examining the plants will help keep your plants stay alive for long, as they will be tended to regularly.

Purge in Autumn

The best time to clean and remove dead plants from your garden or nursery is during autumn. The weather is temperate, plants are shedding, and it is easier to weed out dead or diseased plants. Most expert gardeners and nursery owners advise purging during fall because removing dead leaves and plants every fall have proven to prolong the life of healthy plants. This activity helps break the disease triangle.

Use Completely Prepared Compost

Using the right compost is essential to keep your plants healthy and live long. Sometimes when compost is made at home, each component of the mixture may not have decomposed at the same time. Therefore, while composting ensure your yard/food waste is completely decomposed. Using a partially composted waste can do more harm than good. If the compost is not evenly decomposed, its pathogens can cause plant diseases and death.

Test The Soil and Use the Right Fertiliser

Whether you have a garden/nursery to pursue a hobby or run a business to keep your plants healthy and strong identifying and using the right fertiliser is essential. Start by getting the soil of your garden or nursery examined to know nutrient levels. Contact your local agency to get the report to learn the soil pH and which nutrients are deficient in the soil. Accordingly, get fertilisers to balance the nutrients in the soil and provide your plants with the chance to thrive.

Note: Doing this activity is even more important for people searching for gardening/nursery businesses for sale in Brisbane. Through the test, they can decipher if the soil of the garden is good, moderate, or poor. Also, it will help to know if the soil’s fertility can be improved by using the right fertiliser.

Invest in Disease-Resistant Plants

The best way to prevent the disease from spreading in your garden is to invest in plants that might get sick but have the strength to fight it. It is easier to maintain plants that are capable of fighting diseases rather than succumbing to them. For example, if you are buying tomatoes, then get the variety that is VFN-resistant (capable of fighting Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, Tobacco Mosaic virus, etc.)

Wrapping up

Whether you have a garden, run a successful gardening business, or plan on purchasing a business for sale in Brisbane, it is essential to know how to keep your plants healthy. Ensure to follow the ways mentioned above to keep your garden full of healthy and beautiful plants year-round.

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